LCDS 2030 – Leading Sustainable Development at Village level with clear Strategy, and effective resourcing of Village Plans in a continuous, predictable and sustained manner.

Investments in Low Carbon Development at Village level: Priority Investment needed at Village Level Identified through village-led processes

Village-led Planning producing Village Sustainability Plans: 241 Plans submitted by Villages at end of August 2023

Carbon Credits Revenues Disbursed to Villages: US$22.5 Million was disbursed to designated Village Bank Accounts for year ending 2023, from Guyana’s first commercial sale of carbon credits.

Implementation of Projects at Village Level: Development Projects implemented at village level in economic and social upliftment activities to deliver on climate, livelihood and food security initiatives.

In line with the LCDS objectives, 15 percent of the revenues are being dedicated to bottom-up investments through community plans outlined in village sustainability plans. Villages follow local decision-making processes to participate in the benefit-sharing mechanism, and as of August 2023, 241 villages have produced their village plans, out of a total of 242 IPLCs in the country.

Village projects included a broad range of low carbon investments including in areas of income generation, social upliftment, food security and energy security areas. A few examples are shown below: