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pdf Amerindian Development Fund Popular

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Amerindian Development Fund

The Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) was established to provide funding to support the development of Amerindian communities, settlements and villages.

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Amerindian Land Titling

The ALT Project aims to support Amerindians in securing their lands and natural resources. In order to do this, the project will facilitate and fast track the land titling process.

pdf Implementing the Guyana LCDS Outreach Programme Popular

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Implementing the Guyana LCDS Outreach Programme

The OCC is collaborating with Conservation International(Guyana) on a project called ‘Implementing Guyana’s LCDS Outreach Programme’. This project is aimed at increasing understanding and awareness, on climate change and Guyana’s LCDS, both nationally and internationally.

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LCDS Brochure

The Strategy outlines Guyana’s vision to promote economic development, while at the same time addressing climate change. In March 2013, an Update to the LCDS was prepared and launched.

pdf Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) Micro an Small Enterprise Development Popular

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Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) Micro an Small Enterprise Development

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) play a significant role in creating employment in Guyana while providing very important services to the community.