Chapter Seven: Involving all Guyanese in the Low-Carbon Transition

Ongoing engagement of all Guyanese is essential to successfully creating the new low-carbon economy in Guyana. This will be done through (i) a national consultative process; (ii) ongoing input from the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee; (iii) oversight by the National Assembly and its parliamentary committees; (iv) ongoing communication and awareness raising.

National Consultation

This draft of the LCDS will be the basis for a National Consultation that will take place in the latter part of 2021 and will conclude in February 2022, following which feedback will be considered and the revised version of the LCDS produced by end of April 2022. The goal of this process will be to receive and incorporate broad-based feedback on the measures contained within the Strategy.

Moreover, each element of the LCDS will also be subject to more detailed consultative processes. The LCDS will be tabled in the National Assembly following finalisation.

Programmes will be subject to annual consultations, involving Non-Governmental Organisations and individuals, as part of preparations for the National Budget. Annual measures will also be part of the scrutiny of the national budget by the National Assembly.

Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee (MSSC)

The MSSC will be re-constituted for the National Consultation. The Committee will comprise members of Government bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society, Private Sector, and Indigenous communities. The MSSC will meet on a regular basis after the National Consultation is completed and the LCDS has been tabled in the National Assembly to take forward elements of the LCDS, which will require further consultation and idea generation. This will continue during the LCDS implementation.

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Chapter 7: Involving all Guyanese in the Low-Carbon Transition

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