A New Low-Carbon Economy 

Draft for National Consultation
(November 2021 – February 2022)



This draft of the LCDS is the basis for a national consultation to gather input and ideas from all Guyanese. The goal of the consultation will be to receive and incorporate broad-based feedback on the measures contained within the strategy. Based on the outcomes of these consultations, the LCDS will be updated and tabled in the National Assembly.

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Review and give your feedback

0 tonCO2
Guyana's Total Carbon Stock
0 % of Forest area
Guyana’s Annual Deforestation
rate which is 90% lower than other tropical countries
0 Hectares
Guyana’s 2020 Forest cover
second-highest % of forest cover on Earth.
0 % world’s forest carbon
One of four countries which host the Guiana Shield, one of the world’s most pristine landscapes. The Guiana Shield stores c. 18% of the world’s forest carbon and 20% of the world’s fresh water
8- 0 Million
ART credits generated per year
0 % of known plant species
Extremely high levels of biological diversity and endemism – about 4% of known animal species, more bird species than the entire United States of America, and 2.4% of known plant species

What is Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030?

The new LCDS 2030, as outlined in this draft for consultation will create a new-low-carbon economy in Guyana by establishing incentives which value the world’s ecosystem services, and promoting these as an essential component of a new model of global development with sustainability at its core. In Guyana’s case, harnessing the value of the country’s ecosystem services can build a long-term, low- carbon diversification opportunity.

Review and give your feedback on the LCDS 2030

This draft LCDS is the basis for a national consultation. All Guyanese are invited to provide their inputs and ideas during the consultation period (from November 2021 to February 2022). Your feedback will be reviewed and incorporated to the final version that will be tabled in the National Assembly before June 2022.

Comments can be made via this website by clicking on the read and comment button under each chapter description. Comments may also be submitted via email to

The draft document comprises seven chapters:

1: Towards 2030 – The New Low-Carbon Economy

Building blocks for the new low-carbon economy: forest climate services, biodiversity, water management and the Ocean Economy

2: Moving to a Market Mechanism for Forest Climate Services

How forest climate services can be evolved because of the capabilities Guyana has built, and the potential of integrating with the emerging voluntary carbon markets


3: Stimulating Future Growth: Clean Energy

Section of Guyana’s new LCDS Investment Programme focussed on the low-carbon energy transition


4: Stimulating Future Growth: Low-Carbon Development

Section of Guyana’s new LCDS Investment Programme to develop Guyana’s human, financial and physical capital


5: Protecting Against Climate Change

Addressing Guyana’s climate adaptation and resilience.


6: Aligning with Global Climate Goals: Oil and Gas within A Low-Carbon Framework

Addressing sustainable management of the oil and gas industry

7: Involving all Guyanese in the Low-Carbon Transition

Sets out the plans for the oversight of this LCDS by a national consultation, the National Assembly and the Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee.

LCDS History

Twelve years of engagement and projects implementation

Key Documents and Payments



Low Carbon Development Strategy

The LCDS is a framework intended to map the path of a new growth trajectory in a non-polluting way.


read: Low Carbon Development Strategy – May 2010


Joint Concept Note

The framework for taking the Norway-Guyana cooperation forward to enable the acceleration of Guyana’s REDD-plus efforts, based on the results of which Norway will start providing financial support.


read: Joint Concept Note


Memorandum of Understanding on REDD+ cooperation between Guyana and Norway

Overarching framework regarding issues related to the fight against climate change, in particular those concerning reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD-plus), the protection of biodiversity, and enhancement of sustainable, low carbon development.

read: MOU


GRIF Administration Agreement

The terms of the multi-contributor trust fund between the Trustee and the Contributor established for the financing of activities undertaken as part of the Government of Guyana’s LCDS.


read: GRIF_Administration_Agreement_Compressed


GRIF Operational Manual

The operating principles, guidelines and procedures for the day-to-day operations of the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund.


read: GRIF Operational Manual Version 1.0


Amerindian Development Fund Phase 1

The Amerindian Development Fund was established to provide funding to support the socio-economic development of Amerindian communities and villages, through the implementation of their Community Development Plans.





Institutional Strengthening

This project enhanced the national institutional capacity in Guyana to address the impacts of climate change through the effective implementation of the LCDS, and assisted Guyana in meeting its commitments under interim REDD+ sustainable forest management partnerships.




Micro and Small Enterprise Development

This project addressed two of the major bottlenecks that constrained the development of Micro and Small Enterprise Development and the ability of vulnerable groups to build alternative livelihoods in Guyana, which were: i) limited access to finance and ii) limited technical and business skills.




Amerindian Land Titling

ongoing This project seeks to enable Amerindians to secure their lands and natural resources with a view towards sustainable social and economic development.




Amerindian Development Fund Phase 2

The Amerindian Development Fund was established to provide funding to support the socio-economic development of Amerindian communities and villages, through the implementation of their Community Development Plans.




Cunha Canal Rehabilitation

This project involved the widening of the canal, the rehabilitation of the former outlet structure, rerouting the canal to re-establish its original alignment and construction of a bridge on the East Bank of Demerara Public Road where the canal intercepts the road.




ICT Access and e-Services, for Hinterland, Poor, and Remote Communities

ongoing The objective of this project is to provide Information & Communications Technology (ICT) access and electronic services to hinterland, poor and remote communities throughout Guyana.




Sustainable Land Use Development and Management

ongoing The project aims to engender productive use of especially deforested and degraded lands by transforming current land management practices in Guyana to ensure sustainability in land management systems and streamline provision of land services to land-users and decision-makers, to foster long-term economic, social and environmental development in the country.




Knowledge and Capacity Development for Inclusive Green Development Transition in Guyana

This project responded and articulated the increasing demand for methodological and analytical support for the development of a long-term platform by illustrating strategies and the necessary policies that ensured the enabling conditions for Guyana’s transition to a green economy, and achieving the ultimate goal of sustainable development.




Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030 (Draft)

This draft of the LCDS is the basis for a national consultation to gather input and ideas from all Guyanese.

Oct 2021 - May 2022

LCDS consultation

The draft LCDS would be under public consultation:

  • E-consultation on this website
  • Consultation with civil society, private sector and other organizations (meetings hold between January and March 2022)
  • Consultation with Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee (MSSC)


Read the summary the MSSC meetings:

  1. Read Summary of Meeting of MSSC held on 14th Feb 2022 Final
  2. Read Summary of Meeting of MSSC held on 28 March 2022 Final
March 2022 - June 2022
July 2022

Total Amount Available for Investment in LCDS: USD $220,800,000

Total Financing Received from Norway: USD $212,597,518

Investment Income: USD $8,300,000

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